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The Challenge

Automation of the complete supply chain from procurement,warehousing and inventory management to final dispatch and delivery. Each part of the supply chain demands its own customisable solutions for high efficiency.Practical constraints for every aspect of the supply chain needs to be considered.

Our Solution

Quifers provides automated solutions for all 3 legs of transportation: first mile, line haul and last mile. Auto allocation of orders to appropriate vehicles with optimised routes are provided. End to end tracking provides complete transparency with actionable business insights – all of this with all constraints handled.


1 %
Increased Vehicle Utilization
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Reduced Loading / Unloading Time
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Increased Cost Saving
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Truck Load Builder

We propose the right fit of vehicles for deliveries

Route Optimisation

Keep a track of all your resources at all times from dispatch to delivery

Bring never before transperency

E-pod , reports, tracking,etc help to maintain transparecy throughout the chain