Let Technology Power Your Logistics

Experience a revolutionary & intelligent way to manage your operations

Scheduling & Route Optimization

Automatically plan deliveries respecting constraints of capacity, distance and time. Get the minimum number of vehicles required along with their routes.

Monitoring & Active Control

Eagle eye view of operations. Active control via Geo-fencing, e-PODs and e-Signature updates. Identify real-time issues and provide better customer support.

Delight your Customers

Keep your customer engaged with real-time notifications about delivery and tracking. Reduce the instances of returns due to customer non-availability.


Empower your business with power of data. Get rich and actionable insights to improve your business performance and make better decisions.

Automated Reconciliations

Stop wasting your time and resources in accounting. Through e-PODs & System deployed Vehicle Reporting, reconciliation take hours instead of days.

Operations Support

Our network of dedicated fleet take care of all your logistics needs. Focus on what matters most and outsource your fleet operations to us.

API Integration

Our platform plays well with others. With our extensiveAPIs, you can integrate any existing system/software with our solution.

Customizable Pick & Choose Modules

We understand that every business have their individual set of needs; thus, our solution can be easily customized according to any process flow.

Merge real-time Returns/Pick-ups request with Deliveries in single run

Now you can cater to real-time pick/return orders dynamically via same vehicles doing their deivery.

Drive your business forward

Our intelligent technology complemented with Operational Support provides a Full-Stack solution for your logistics.

  • Reduce your cost

    - Reduce resources through optimized Planning, Allocation and Automation
    - Merge Reverse with Forward Logistics with our dynamic rerouting technology
    - Reduce number of delivery attempts through better co-ordination with end-customers

  • Better Control of Operations

    - Geo-Fencing of order locations curbs instances of Fake Attempts and False Reporting
    - System generated Route planning with predefined ETAs
    - Eagle-eye view on your Operations & Logistics

  • Convenience to Business

    - Reduce Manual paperwork and simplify Reconciliations.
    -Provide better experience to end-customers

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Dynamic Scheduling & Routing Engine!

Our proprietary algorithm springs into action and rescues you from hours of manual planning. Save on fuel and resources with optimized allocation and routing. We make sure our system adapts to the reality of business for which we have placed following constraints:
- Types of vehicle to be used
- Capacity constraint of vehicles
- Time window for delivering each order
- Service time for delivery of different orders
- Maximum distance run
The algorithm suggests minimum number of fleets required to deliver your loads. Additionally, it lets you combine Deliveries(Forward) with Pick-ups/Returns(Reverse). Thus, you can save a lot on vehicle resources.

Our Machine Learning Algorithm forays us to providing solution for incorrect addresses and geo-tagging the locations.

responsive devices

A solution simple to use and quick to implement

Input Data

Import data via Excel or CSV file or through API Integration

Optimized Planning

Get optimized allocation and routing in minutes fullfilling all constraints

Delivery App

Access Run-sheets via delivery app for real time execution and support

Monitor & Control

Monitor & Control operations via alerts. Draw Insights via analytics

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