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Company Overview

Vijay Sales is one of the biggest retailers of electronic goods in India with a revenue exceeding 3000 Crores INR. It was started in 1967 as a small TV showroom by Mr. Nanu Gupta and has since expanded into a pan-India enterprise with 73 stores and an offering of more than 9000 products.

Business Challenge

The advent of e-tailers was a growing threat to the company and they needed to introduce technological innovations to gain a competitive edge and maintain their market leadership. Logistics automation was a crucial component for this as they needed to improve their operational efficiencies to better meet the customer demands. Keeping a track of the huge number of orders, including buy-backs, defectives and replacements, manually was almost impossible leading to disrupted flows. On-field delivery tracking was needed for smooth operations while customer engagement was missing from the operations leading to repeated delivery attempts and lower customer service levels. Peak demand handling was one of the biggest problems as majority of the sales in the year was limited to a few days which needed high operational efficiency.


A synergistic combination of process automation and manual practicality was the answer to deal with the problems. Quifers Delivery Management System (QDMS) is a powerful, end- to- end ERP tool that provides a retailer the platform needed to manage all their SKUs, Resources and Customer Deliveries effortlessly. It automates all your key processes and elevates all your KPIs significantly, while providing scope for manual intervention as required. QDMS is able to automate the daily planning process for Vijay Sales which frees up their management bandwidth while providing the optimal routes for delivery, taking into account all practical constraints. VS can track all their deliveries and resources in real time using our GPS enabled delivery app which also captures E-pod and has geo-fencing for delivery validation. Inter-branch stock transfer, buy-backs, defectives and replacements are all handled by the system with extensive flows covering all scenarios. Performance tracking and assessment modules helps to measure the activity of different resources according to various pre-defined and KPIs. Resource attendance management let the management keep a finger on their resources and automatic transporter billing was introduced based on the rate contracts decided which took away a lot of paperwork for the company.
Our operational efficiencies have increased tremendously since Quifers deployment and the cost savings are almost 20%. The huge number of customizations, the speed of implementation and Tech Support is really impressive.

Aseem Chandra

Vijay Sales


Earlier, the operational efficiency of the company was the product of efficiencies of different manual parts involved in the supply chain. With QDMS in picture and standard automation practices in place, the operational efficiency of the whole supply chain went up by almost 40%. Automation of the whole delivery system freed up a lot of management bandwidth letting them concentrate on their core businesses. Customer engagement and geo fencing lead to reduced failed attempts by 30% leading to reduced delivery costs, combined with optimal delivery routes. Transporter billing automation saved a lot of man hours spent in approving bills of service providers in addition to reducing the need to maintain information in paper format.

Similar Use Case

QDMS can be used for automating outbound logistics for companies in Pharma, FMCG, Electronics, Cement and other manufacturing industries for all legs of transportation. Offline and online retail/distribution companies in all sectors like electronics, furniture, foods, furnishings, pharmaceuticals, apparels etc. can use QDMS to boost their operational efficiencies. Courier companies are also using QDMS to deliver the service levels required while containing delivery costs.
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