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First Mile to Last Mile:
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The Challenge

The primary and secondary legs of transportation have a huge inertia for change and suffer from static delivery routes. Single vehicle type mapping against a route and optimisation on only one parameter i.e. either weight or volume leads to sub par capacity utilisations.

The tertiary leg of transportation requires extensive beat planning, optimal delivery routes and tracking which takes up a lot of management bandwidth and is usually inefficient.It is impossible to maintain transparency along the chain and streamline operations while containing delivery costs.

Our Solution

Quifers provides the best mix of vehicles on all lanes in primary and secondary legs of transportation with maximum fleet utilisation, optimising on both weight and volume simultaneously.We streamline operations with automatic beat and route planning with tracking of deliveries and resources at each touchpoint.E-pod and Signature help to enhance the supply chain transparency.


1 %
Increased Vehicle Utilization
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Reduced Loading / Unloading Time
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Increased Cost Saving
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