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Maximum Fleet Utilization with Minimum Cost

Get the best mix of vehicles & load allocation for maximising fleet utilisation and minimising delivery costs

Best Fit of Vehicles for Delivery

Get the best mix of vehicles for optimum capacity utilization and maximum cost savings

Best Vehicle Mix

Our algorithm suggests the best mix of vehicles for maximum utilization and cost savings.

Delivery App

Mobile app to handle task delegation, navigation, proof of delivery and reconciliation.

Minimize Cost & Maximize Utilization

Get best possible combination of Fleet mix with maximum capacity utilization. Configure vehicle type, Geographical Clusters, Load Coupling preferences, and any other practical constraints.

Easy Fleet Management

One Click Pick-List & Loading List created along with Delivery Challans. Get access to Location tracking and documentation in one place.

Enterprise Grade Supply Chain Network Optimization

Single system to design & optimize your whole SCM network. Get easy integration with any system and insights that further optimize your network.

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